Your generative AI contracting assistant

Latch helps legal teams reduce the time, effort, and cost spent towards negotiating agreements

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What we do

Latch makes contracting easy

Latch lives directly inside of your Microsoft Word application. Latch is incredibly easy to use and requires no or very little implementation

Review contracts

Analyze your agreements and receive instant visibility into key risks

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Assemble simple, plain-language checklists for every situation

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Receive explanations on why requirements have been met or not met, along with source references

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Ask free-form questions about your contracts

Modify language

Generate new redline language that preserves as much of the counterparty's language as possible while incorporating your legal positions

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Generate compromise language against your Clause Library

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Modify language with custom instructions

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All generated suggestions are inserted directly into your document in trackchanges


Generate instant summaries of your agreements

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Choose between different options for summary generation

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Add custom instructions for your summaries

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Support for long documents with hundreds of pages

Use Latch's scalable, immediately impactful contracting AI to improve efficiency

Close contracts faster
Prevent bottlenecks in contracting processes for faster time-to-close.
Powered by GPT-4
GPT-4 scores in the 90th percentile of test takers in a simulated bar exam, and 163 on the LSAT.
Integrated into Word
Simply open your document and work directly from within your Microsoft Word application.

Frequently asked questions

Latch is an AI contracting assistant that reduces the time, effort, and cost spent towards negotiating your contracts. It assists with tasks such as generating redline suggestions, determining if clauses are market standard, modifying clauses, and more. Latch is powered by GPT-4, a large language model created by OpenAI.

How do I use Latch?

Latch is a Microsoft Word add-in, which means you can use Latch directly from within your Microsoft Word application.