Digital contracting for modern teams

Simple yet powerful. All-in-one contract automation software designed to help in-house legal teams power businesses.

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Contracting made simple

Latch helps companies move faster by making the process of creating, signing, and managing contracts effortless.
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Rapid implementation
Use our self-serve template creator for implementation that takes hours, not months.
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Easy for the entire organization
Empower your entire organization to create contracts effortlessly.
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Improve efficiency
Our all-in-one contracting platform is fully browser-native to maximize efficiency.

Create contracts

Dynamic templates
Add dynamic, custom templates without a single line of code.
Lightning-fast, simplified contract creation
Empower everyone within your organization to create legally-binding contracts in minutes.  
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Sign contracts

Fully native e-signature
Sign and finalize your document by sending it to the counterparty through Latch's native e-signature feature. No third-party e-signature providers required.
Audit trails
Automatically generated audit trails for every signed contract.

Manage contracts

Track your contracts through their entire lifecycle
Never have another contract slip through the cracks again. Visualize the stage of each contract and review any actions that need to be taken.
Upload DOCX and PDF
Upload your non-Latch DOCX and PDF files to manage all of your contracts in one place.

“Latch has totally streamlined the way we deal with contracts with our clients. It's made things so much easier when we need to send out NDAs.”

Adrien Taylor, Not Another™

Loved by everyone from in-house legal to sales

Contracts don't need to be complicated. Automate routine contracts with workflows so simple that your entire team can get started instantly.

“Latch is the future. Docusign's clunky design and horrifically slow UX means that Latch has all of my business moving forward.”

Charles Yu

“A quick shout out to @latch_app for an innovative service. Love how easy it makes managing contracts and legal work.”

Peeyoosh Chandra
Strategy & Ops

“Latch is immensely useful... by using it to generate custom NDAs and service agreements, I've saved countless hours compared to the alternative solutions out there.”

Mu Li

Latch makes it easy for teams to create, sign and manage contracts

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