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Set fields for counterparties to complete

September 1, 2021
Min-Kyu Jung


How are things? We've just gone into lockdown in New Zealand — hope you're all staying safe.

Here are some ways we made Accord better for you in August.

Employment Letter + Confidentiality and IP Transfer Agreement templates

We've shipped a new Employment Letter + Confidentiality and IP Transfer Agreement template! These are for US companies only.

These are complementary agreements. The Employment Letter explicitly refers to the Confidentiality and IP Transfer Agreement, and you'll want to make sure you use both.

Add Variables for Counterparty to Complete

When drafting a contract, there are some details that might be appropriate for the counterparty to complete. For example, you might not know the counterparty signer's preferred title, or you might require them to provide certain information in an exhibit.

We've just shipped support for toggling certain variables to be set for counterparties to complete. You can toggle these either during the contract creation process or from the editor.

Multiple fields per signer

E-signing was previously limited to a single signature field per signer. Accord can now support multiple fields (including multiple signature blocks) per signer, with a handy "fields remaining" button that takes signers from field to field.

Support for Exhibits and Page Breaks

When generating PDFs from Accord documents (whether automatically after a document is fully signed or otherwise), they can now support enforced page breaks (e.g. for exhibits and signature fields).

...and more!

  • free users now get three free documents per month rather than two
  • more updates to the landing page (now with GIFs!)
  • improved Service Agreement generator flow
  • rewrote LOI template generator
  • updated signature blocks for several templates
  • added "textarea" variables
  • various minor styling updates and bug fixes
  • added option to send a reminder email to signers directly from the dashboard
  • "generate PDF" buttons throughout the app (e.g. dashboard, editor) previously would send users an email with a PDF attachment. These have been changed to "download PDF" buttons so your PDFs are downloaded automatically.
  • added Enterprise option for companies that want to add custom logic and workflows for their templates
  • updated styling for signing emails sent to signers

What's next?

  • Embedded documents
  • A major rewrite of our editor. This will make the editor much more robust (particularly with list items) and let us create new templates 10x faster.

We've had some truly valuable feedback from Accord users — in fact, we've shipped some kind of feature or update in response to every single piece of feedback we received in August. All of it was great 😊

We're going to use September as an opportunity to spend more time talking to our users. If you have any thoughts at all about Accord, I'd love to talk to you. Feel free to email me, or add me on whatsapp at +64 21 077 4567 if that's easier.

Otherwise, some of you can expect to receive a survey soon! We'd very much appreciate your feedback.



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Min-Kyu Jung
Former corporate lawyer turned founder.

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