Product Update

Embed Files, Reworked E-Signing, and Smartfields update

October 2, 2021
Min-Kyu Jung

Hey! We've shipped a lot of great features this month — thanks to everyone who gave us feedback. Here's a summary.

Embed Files

We've added the option for users to embed Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies, and Term and Conditions onto their website.

You can embed these documents by opening your file from your dashboard, selecting the "Embed Document" option from the sidebar, and copying the code snippet into your website's HTML.

Reworked E-Signing

Our e-signing process has gone through several updates:

  1. The signing flow has been reworked so that users can insert their signatures before sending documents to the counterparty without having to "create" a signing file first
  2. Updated UI, including an animated progress bar and a full-screen drawer to replace the previous modal
  3. Users can now customize the email subject line to be sent to signing parties
  4. "Editable" files are now referred to as "Draft" files to more accurately reflect that they are documents that haven't been sent out for signing yet
  5. The option to select "This is me" when entering signer emails has been disabled in certain situations where Accord knows that the signer in question is a counterparty

Smartfields Update

We've made various improvements to the process of working with variables, which have been rebranded as smartfields.

First, we've added different kinds of smartfield input types when editing a smartfield: users can now have smartfields that display Date fields with calendar dropdowns, Select fields which toggle between a selection of options, and multiline fields.

Second, we've hidden variable metadata within a toggleable accordion, and we've disabled the option to update these data for counterparties who have been assigned to complete that smartfield — they'll be restricted to updating the smartfield content and nothing else.

Third, we've fixed some bugs with variables not updating properly or resetting under certain circumstances.

Sidebar UI

We've redone the UI for our editor and dashboard sidebars!

...and more!

  • fixed dashboard UX bugs when deleting or renaming files
  • added a "You have unsaved changes" alert when closing the page while editing, generating or signing a document
  • improved signing experience for mobile devices
  • improved file loading speeds when on the dashboard
  • fixed bug when signing up mid-contract creation flow
  • users can no longer insert empty signatures

What's next?

  • Editor 2.0 release
  • Support for saving custom templates



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Min-Kyu Jung
Former corporate lawyer turned founder.

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