Product Update

Upload non-Latch documents

Happy new year! We’re excited for 2022 and we hope you are too.

Here are some new features to kick off your January.

Consolidated documents view

We’ve consolidated “files” and “signing files” into a single “documents” tab in your workspace. Documents are now assigned “statuses” depending on their stage in the contract lifecycle.

We’ve also revamped our table view, with features like pagination, search and clearer calls to action.

Upload Non-Latch Documents

Upload your DOCX and PDF documents onto your Latch workspace so you can manage all of your contracts in one place. You can toggle uploaded documents between “Uploaded” and “Fully Signed” states.

Draft and published states for templates

Custom templates can now be toggled between draft and published states. Documents can only be created from “published” documents - we’ve created helpful guardrails that will prevent you from publishing a template without taking certain actions, such as removing redundant smartfields, or adding signature fields.

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