Accord raises US$400K to help companies build legal documents faster 🎉

March 31, 2021
Min-Kyu Jung

I left my career as a corporate lawyer at a leading New Zealand law firm to build Accord, a web app that helps companies build legal documents lightning-fast.

Most people thought I was crazy for leaving a safe, high-status career to hack away on a pet idea. They're probably right, but at the very least it's been a lot of fun. I didn't have a technical background beyond knowing some rudimentary web-dev, so I've had to learn to code while simultaneously building a product and talking to users.

Accord started out as a fun project, but as it's gradually grown into a product, and now a company, my ambitions for Accord have grown as well.

I’m very happy to share that Accord has raised $400,000! Accord will be using this capital to assemble a small team and build an amazing product that its users love.

One of the investors I’m most excited about is Daniel Gross, who was previously the founder of Cue (acquired by Apple). He is also an investor in companies like SpaceX, Uber, Coinbase and Github.

Join me

Accord is recruiting a small team of software engineers in Auckland to take our product out of Beta and reach product/market fit. We'll move fast. We'll continuously, relentlessly improve our product until we've built something that our users won't be able to live without. Accord is built on React, Next.js, Firebase, Chakra UI and Tailwind CSS.

What would a 10/10 experience for creating legal documents look like? How can we make this process as unintimidating, painless, and fun as possible?

If this sounds like a problem you want to solve, please send me an email at with your CV. You should let me know if we have any mutual connections.

Accord might be a good fit for you if you're interested in a role where you will have a significant impact — in fact, it's very likely that your performance could be the difference between the success and failure of the company (no pressure!). You might also be a good fit if you would describe yourself as being relentlessly resourceful.

I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you!

Looking ahead

This news is only one step in a long journey that I'm so excited to be on. Thank you to my friends, family, and various strangers who have joined me in it so far. Thanks also to my customers for being early believers — I'll do everything I can to repay your trust in me.

Min-Kyu 💙

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Min-Kyu Jung
Former corporate lawyer turned founder.

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